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2013 Institute of Chemical Engineer (IChemE) award winner for water management and supply. We beat the likes of Singapore University.

For further information regarding MAFES, the KNeW Process, and SprayMo, please see the related materials below. 

International Network Acid prevention March 17, 2014 Download
An abstract on the Knew process - Acid Mine Drainage April 2, 2013 Download
Glenjohn Capital Presentation March 20, 2013 Download
Glenjohn Capital 2pg Overview March 20, 2013 Download
MAFES: Acid Mine Drainage and the KNeW Process Presentation Overview March 15, 2013 Download
MAFES: Treatments of Brackish Water Overview January 25, 2013 Download
MAFES: The Knew Process January 24, 2013 Download
MAFES: EPA Abandoned Mine Site Characterization and Cleanup Handbook January 24, 2013 Download